Heritage Walk Fontainhas

Heritage walk through Panjim City
Duration: 2 hours

The modern word Panaji is derived from the words panjani and khali, which mean a boat and a small creek respectively, in Sanskrit. Thus the modern word Panjim is believed to be a corruption of the old word Panjanakhani .

We will begin our walk from the traditional causeway Ponte de Linhares which was built to handle the load of horse drawn carriages of its time but has handled the load of heavy motor vehicles since then. We will be covering up all the important buildings of the Portuguese era which would also include the  famous landmark of the present day city the immaculate conception church , than proceeding towards the Latin quarters of the city known as Fontainhas, stopping by a traditional bakery making Goan sweets on a woodfire flame to enjoy some of these amazing local sweets.

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Awesome cultural experience with a Knowledgeable guide

Rated 5 out of 5
21st January 2023

Mario is a very hospitable and knowledgeable tour guide. He is a proud Goan and really knows the history and culture of the region . We enjoyed the superb story-telling to relate the present day neighborhood / houses / businesses with how they evolved over time. Mario never rushed through the tour plan, yet patiently answered any questions we had. Some of the tour highlights included the colorful houses with Mario’s color commentary, a special tour of a lived-in 185 year old house, a quick stop at a typical Goan confectionery and enjoying a sampler platter of Bebinca, Dodol and many others as well as the overall history and architecture orientation of the region and city. I highly recommend booking your experience with Mario.

Subhasish R

Response from Exotic Goan Excursions

Thank you Subhasish for your kind review it was a pleasure taking you and your family through the quaint streets of Fontainhas and showing you the Goan architecture and relating to you about Goa’s history , culture and the Local sweets at the bakery. I am glad you had a memorable experience.

Heritage Walk Fontainhas

Rated 5 out of 5
11th December 2022

Had an amazing experience with them. Special mention for Mario, our guide for the excursion explained us pretty much everything about Goan history with great enthusiasm. We opted for heritage walk in and around fontainhas. If you happen to be in Goa then, I would highly recommend this excursion.

Aditya Vickram

Response from Exotic Goan Excursions

Thank you Aditya for your kind review. It was a great pleasure explaining to you about the Goan history as we walked along the quaint streets of Fontainhas.

Heritage Walk Fontainhas

Rated 5 out of 5
10th September 2022

We had our company offsite in Goa in Sept. 22 where we spent a day exploring the heritage of the place. Though I have visited Goa so many times earlier but never got an opportunity to know about its heritage, history and local highlights as explained and described by Mr. Mario Monteiro. His knowledge and passion of about Goa was incredible and with his help we could savor the best of the place including food, art and culture. Thanks Mr. Mario and all the best!

Sophie Johnson

Response from Exotic Goan Excursions

Thank You Sophie for your kind review it was an absolute delight and pleasure to take you and your friends out on the Heritage Walk of Fontainhas Panjim. I am glad that you were able to savour the best of what Goa has to offer.

An Enjoyable Walking Tour Of Panjim City

Rated 5 out of 5
4th January 2019

Dear Mario,

Thanks very much once again for the time that you spent with Elena and myself last week. We really enjoyed our tours in Goa, and the arrangements you made outside of those tours, including having Diego be available as our driver, and making arrangements for us at Utorda beach. Thanks in large part to your efforts, we had a great trip.

Brad Bauer

Thank You

Rated 5 out of 5
5th October 2016

Mario I want to thank you for all of your hospitality during our stopover in Goa. You are very accommodating and knowledgable of the area. Thank you for ensuring our time in Goa was enjoyable. Mario I know this is overkill but I want to thank you again for taking care of all the arrangements while we were in Goa. Also, for putting us in touch with Vijay and his group that has made a world of difference for our trip I don’t know what our trip would’ve been like had we not had you two guiding us through this country thank you.

John & Annie Gibson

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