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Goa In A Nutshell

A Concise View Of Goa for its Culture and Heritage

4 Hours

  • Lunch (not included)
  • Transport (as add-on)
  • Pick-Up (please provide location)
  • Tour Start Time 09:00Am
  • Tour Start Time 02:00Pm

Glimpses of Goa

Experience Local Market, Churches, Hindu Temple, Spice plantation With Food

6-7 Hours

  • Lunch: Provided (At plantation)
  • Transport (as add-on)
  • Pick-Up (please provide location)
  • Tour Start Time 09:30Am

Old Goa Heritage Walk


2 Hours

  • Lunch (not included)
  • No Transport Provided
  • Tour Start Time 09:00Am

Heritage Walk Of Fontainhas


2 Hours

  • Lunch (not included)
  • Taste of Traditional Goan Sweets
  • No Transport Provided
  • Tour Start Time 11:30Am
  • Tour Start Time 05:00Pm

Step Back In Time


6-7 Hours

  • Lunch ( as add on) subject to availability on prior booking
  • Transport (as add-on)
  • Pick-Up (please provide location)
  • Tour Start Time 09:30Am


notes from our happy visitors

Just a few lines from the North to thank you Mario for a very nice guidance while we were in Goa recently. We really enjoyed your knowledge and everything we saw. It was very interesting and a good end of a very giving trip to India.

We hope to come back one day and see much more.

Lis and ChristoferSWEDEN

Thank you very much for taking such good care of us Mario! You were at the same time so professional and so kind it made our holiday unforgettable. Best regards to your wife.

Nayla and Henry and MariePARIS

Thanks for a great experience today Mario! We're looking forward to another great day of touring your wonderful region!

Dr. Anthony RostainUSA

It is so so incredible you wrote just now Mario. Not because we did spend a wonderful family holiday in Goa in Feb and of course remembered you and the many things you did teach us...:-) also because we decided to settle in Goa with a project: start a place of retreat, a 18 to 20 room hotel. Surprised?


Mario gave us an amazing experience of Goa, full of modern and historical details. He was always smiling, always knowledgeable and had great ideas on things for us to see and to experience. I would recommend him to anyone I know coming to Goa.


Thanks for your superb work here in Goa Mario.
I just send an email. World be pleased when you send me your phone number and address


Mario was a fantastic tour guide. We had a full day packed in with a lot of sites to see, and provided us with very clear historical information for every site. Not only that, but Mario goes above and beyond to ensure that the customer has a good time and has their needs provided for, with appropriate stops of food and water and times to rest and enjoy the sites! From historic forts to famous churches, so riding elephants, our day was packed with so many fun things and so many memories made! If I ever came back to Goa, I would definitely go with Mario again as a tour guide!


To whom it may concern: Greetings! My name is Flor Gonzalez and I am from the state of New Hampshire, U.S.A. I would like to highly recommend Mario Monteiro as a tour guide to the Goa region of India. From the moment my touring group was picked up at the airport we were treated to very warm, courteous and professional service. His exhaustive knowledge of the history, places, events and customs made our stay in lovely Goa all that much more pleasant. He was able to answer all questions or concerns whenever they came up.
We always felt safe and secure due to his intimate familiarity with Goa, it's beaches, gift shops and interesting historical landmarks. He had great rapport with all the local businesses, shop owners and those that ran the places of interest we visited.
Again, in closing his cheerful, friendly demeanor and professionalism is why I would highly recommend Mario Monteiro to any tourists or visitors interested in visiting Goa.
sincerely, Flor Gonzalez of Swanzey, NH U.S.A.


Mario I want to thank you for all of your hospitality during our stopover in Goa. You are very accommodating and knowledgable of the area. Thank you for ensuring our time in Goa was enjoyable.
Mario I know this is overkill but I want to thank you again for taking care of all the arrangements while we were in Goa. Also, for putting us in touch with Vijay and his group that has made a world of difference for our trip I don't know what our trip would've been like had we not had you two guiding us through this country thank you.
John & Annie Gibson

John GibsonUSA

Dear Mario,
Thank you for your excellent and passionate tour.
We will keep you informed about our referring activities.

Guenther LoescherKOBLACH AUSTRIA


Mario is truly an amazing tour guide. He’s super organized, knowledgable, friendly, fun, and extremely helpful. My wife and I were very grateful to have him as our tour guide.

During our time in Goa, he arranged our transportation to and from the airport (and the driver was on time, kind, and safe), helped us set a fun itinerary, and was always responsive through email and text.

He helped us maximize our time by listening to what we wanted to do and pairing that with what the region had to offer, always taking our ideas into consideration and building on them or providing great alternatives if needed.

His tours are packed with interesting history about the culture, the food, the people, and everything in between. And a huge bonus is that Mario is not pushy at all. We experienced some pushy tour guides who sped through awesome sights to push us into buying souvenirs from local craftsmen, but Mario never once pushed us toward that. He genuinely just wanted us to have a great time in his country and he showed amazing, family-like hospitality through and through.

AND! Even before and after we left Goa (while we were continuing our travels in India, he helped us by reaching out to his network of tour guides to get recommendations for things to do all over the country. He was even consistently checking in on us and his tour guide friend to make sure we stayed safe during a small government shut down in the Himalayas.

I highly recommend Mario if you are anywhere near Goa!

-Jill and Walt

Jill And Walt RobinsonCALIFORNIA

TESTIMONIAL for Mario Monteiro – guide, Goa, India
Our 6 days trip in Goa , in November 2017, was very pleasant and comfortable, mostly because we benefited of the priceless help on behalf of our local guide, Mario Monteiro.
All our experiences in Goa, visiting hidden areas , tasting local meals in charming recommended restaurants , discovering continously unexpected corners,
the most interesting attractions, were exquisite ; and that was because of Mario - he led us everywhere, with a very well driven initiative, he arranged the whole schedule
for us in a great professional way. At all times he gave us the necessary information , helping us to picture the history, life and the special people of Goa - and all these in A VERY
GOOD ENGLISH! I'm not kidding - he is a rare pearl!
He was also very patient with us, helping us with all our little caprices - to buy a special souvenir, to set an additional programm with some amazing private exhibitions, etc.
He is such a trustworthy person, that we intent to recommend him to our young children, in their trip in Southern India later this year. Thank you, Mario !
Marina and Dan Gramada, Bucharest, Romania

Marina and Dan GramadaBUCHAREST, ROMANIA

Many thanks, Mario, for taking such a great care of us and providing us with so many interesting and useful insights on the history, life, and places of interest at Goa during those two tours that we booked from you. We very much enjoyed your highly knowledgeable, professional guidance and every single destination that we visited. Looking forward to relying on your services again on the next visit to Goa.

Marko Saarinen, Helsinki, Finland


“First thing I noticed is how well Mario spoke English- it was just pleasant to listen to him talk. I always have tons of questions and I loved how Mario was really able to answer them starting from history, religion, social issues- he just seemed to know about everything. I went him with on the northern forts/beach tour”

All the best,



Fab memories. You are amazing Mario. A first class Tour, thank you for your knowledge and your patience. We look forward to seeing you again. Mandy

Mandy Monks RobertsUNITED KINGDOM
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