Goa In A Nutshell

A Concise View Of Goa for its Culture and Heritage

Duration: 4 Hours

This tour experience for me is very special as I love to explain about the once prosperous capital city for what it was in the bygone days. To unravel the mysteries as to why this once prosperous trade and commerce city known as the Rome of the East across the world was abandoned. An intense explanation of the world heritage monuments Basilica of Bom Jesus and the Se cathedral. Explore with me my neighbourhood Fontainhas on a Heritage walk and feel the nostalgia of where I have grown up as a child be mesmerised by the colonial buildings and houses of the past painted with bright pastel colours today. Learn with me the cultural customs and traditions as we walk these quaint streets that were once a part of our lifestyle. Finally a quick stop at a local fruit, flower and vegetable market, to see the local produce.
This is an ideal tour for travelers who have a limited amount of time to spend while on a visit to Goa, and would like to explore the culture and history of Goa to its full potential.


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Incredible Personalized Tour.

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I had no idea I’d get such an incredible personalized tour. His name is Mario, and he was very helpful and friendly to us. Throughout our tour, he directed and informed us in great detail. He told us about each site of interest in thoroughness, as well as what was nearby.

We went to Utorda Beach, two churches, Basilica de Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral, and the epic local market in Panjim Municipal Market. Mario Miranda’s panting was on display at that market. I love his wonderful picture. Mario patiently explained many of the items sold in the market (brown rice, flowers, and various vegetables, etc.).

During the journey, it rained. But, it did not prevent us from buying souvenirs or stuff. Mario drove us to the shopping center on June 18th Road. He is very patient in waiting for us to walk through the various shops.

The last place we went was Fountainhas, where we had the opportunity to try the Bebinca cake. I like it:D, it has a sweet taste and a soft texture. We toured and learned a lot about Fountainhas history. We discovered many colorful houses that were extremely interesting. Unfortunately, it rained heavily, and we wanted to finish our tour before continuing on to our last destination, a resort where we would stay.

Thank you really lot. Mario, many thumbs up. We had so many wonderful impressions of Goa because of you. Stay healthy to all of us.

Melinda S

Response from Exotic Goan Excursions

Thank you Melinda so very much for this very kind elaborate review of your tour experience of Goa. I am very glad that you enjoyed thoroughly the entire experience of the churches at old Goa , the local market and the old quarters Fontainhas.