Fontainhas Heritage Walk

Heritage walk through Panjim City
Duration: 2 hours

The modern word Panaji is derived from the words panjani and khali, which mean a boat and a small creek respectively, in Sanskrit. Thus the modern word Panjim is believed to be a corruption of the old word Panjanakhani .

We will begin our walk from the traditional causeway Ponte de Linhares which was built to handle the load of horse drawn carriages of its time but has handled the load of heavy motor vehicles since then. We will be covering up all the important buildings of the Portuguese era which would also include the  famous landmark of the present day city the immaculate conception church , than proceeding towards the Latin quarters of the city known as Fontainhas, stopping by a traditional bakery making Goan sweets on a woodfire flame to enjoy some of these amazing local sweets.


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Mario I want to thank you for all of your hospitality during our stopover in Goa. You are very accommodating and knowledgable of the area. Thank you for ensuring our time in Goa was enjoyable. Mario I know this is overkill but I want to thank you again for taking care of all the arrangements while we were in Goa. Also, for putting us in touch with Vijay and his group that has made a world of difference for our trip I don’t know what our trip would’ve been like had we not had you two guiding us through this country thank you.

John & Annie Gibson

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